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We're serious about seller security

Security is about trust, and that's why we make protecting your identity and safeguarding your sensitive pricing information our top priority.

Product Security

Advanced Repricing Safeguards applies an automated system of alarms in our repricing engine which detect patterns in your account. If any abnormal activity is detected or any individual listing triggers an alarm, will stop sending price changes to your marketplace. As an additional safety measure, will also halt all activity if numerous accounts are triggering alarms. We also keep a running count specifically of changes to $0.01, which is monitored at all times.

Dependable Development Process

In creating our product,’s engineers peer review each other’s code and then pass it to the Quality Assurance team for a formal review. Once the code passes our rigorous QA process, the output of our current production code is compared with output of the new code. This ensures the consistency of our safeguards.

Expert Teams employs the most skilled candidates to form our in-house engineering, creative and support teams. Together, the teams conceptualize, produce, and execute a variety of projects which allow for innovations to the repricing industry. Experienced in handling high-availability systems and sensitive data, our team of engineers tirelessly work to ensure the most stable and reliable repricing software on the market.

Seller Anonymity does not release client IP addresses to any marketplace — ensuring seller anonymity. We do not share our clients identity with anybody without their express consent.

Minimum Prices on Amazon

Sellers on Amazon have the additional protection of minimum prices that Amazon determines automatically. Any price change that goes outside of Amazon’s price range will get de-listed before it can sell. This helps to ensure that any data entry mistakes you might make in your account will not affect your bottom line.

Data Security

Robust Backups

All of your data is kept on multiple redundant drives and backed up daily. Because we use Amazon RDS to host our databases, we can perform a point-in-time restore to any minute over the previous two weeks.

Fortified Encryption

Your data is always SSL encrypted when it’s on the move, even for transfers between our own systems. uses Extended Validation SSL for all communication over the internet ㅡ the same security major banks rely on. All sensitive information, like API keys and product pricing information, is encrypted at rest using state of the art AES-256.

Verified Access Control

All access to data within is controlled by access rights. Access to your account, our servers and our databases is authenticated by a username and password and all activity is logged. We perform regular security audits to ensure that access rights are set appropriately and work as intended.

Secure Billing

From the moment you entrust us with your credit card, it is sent over SSL directly into our PCI-compliant billing system. All payment processing is handled by Stripe and your information never leaves their system.

Assured Redundancy

By leveraging Amazon’s cloud for our infrastructure we are able to have failovers for all of our systems in separate data centers all around the world. If any part of our system experiences a failure, there is a backup waiting to take over seamlessly.

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Because our servers are hosted by Amazon, our customers also directly benefit from the stability offered by Amazon Web Services.

Want to know more?

Submit a support request if you have other security questions and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.