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With over 4,000 happy customers, is the leading price intelligence and automated repricing software for online merchants. These are some of their stories. Discover how they scaled their businesses fast with the help of's smart strategies.

Dollar Moves

Do you dream of making money in your sleep with an automated eCommerce empire so you can travel the world and enjoy the ultimate lifestyle freedom? With the help of our repricing software, Rob Anderson, creator of the eCommerce blog and YouTube series Dollar Moves, was able to do just that, and he was happy to share his story.

Fit the Matrix

How much would your life improve if you could 5X your sales in just a few years? That's what Ed Kohler has done with his online store, Fit the Matrix, over the past three years. Discover how Kohler achieved the remarkable,  quintupling his business into a 7-figure eCommerce empire.

Grivet Outdoors

Imagine if you started an eCommerce business and scaled it to 7-figures in sales in less than a year and a half. That's exactly what two young entrepreneurs from Memphis were able to achieve with their online store, Grivet Outdoors, with the help of our strategic automated repricing platform. This is their story.

Featured story

Crucial Vaccuum

Chad Rubin has grown his eCommerce enterprise, Crucial Vacuum, to Top 250 status on Amazon. Discover how he grew his business in this informative video where he shares his top insights and strategies for scaling your online operation to the same heights.

Soaring Profits blog

So you want to learn more about the most successful strategies for sourcing, pricing, and fulfilling your orders? Then we think you've found your new favorite blog! If it helps you save time, make money, or grow your online business, you can read about it right here.

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Why Appeagle Became

By | on 06, Mar 2018 |   Product Updates

As a company, we’ve always admired and relied on certain brands for inspiration. The major thing they all had in common was the ability to clearly and...

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How to Get Amazon Buy Box Eligible Status

By | on 12, Mar 2018 |   Marketplace Tips

 Formerly known as Amazon Featured Merchant Status, Buy Box Eligible Status on Amazon is exactly what it sounds like. Sellers with Amazon Buy Box Elig...

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Why Selling Through Multiple Channels Will Fast-Forward Your eCommerce Growth

By | on 19, Mar 2018 |   Marketplace Tips

As technology and customer buying habits are evolving, eCommerce retailers are changing their business practices to meet their customers’ needs. Busin...

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