Profit Protection

We don’t just lower your prices and cause a “race to the bottom” like other repricers - instead, we provide you with advanced profit-protecting features that increase your sales while also maximizing your profit margins.

Automated Repricer for Online Sellers

Automatically find your Optimal Price


Powered by AI and Machine Learning!

How it works

Using the power of machine learning and your historical sales data, this new setting will automatically calculate the optimal price for your listings when they don't have competition. Most repricers only work on your listings when they have competition to reprice against - this new setting makes one of the first repricers to use AI to help you make more profits even when your listings don't have competition.

Smart Price Reset

One of our most popular features!

How it works

We analyze historical data to identify the specific timeframe during off-peak hours when you have the lowest sales. Then, we automatically increase your price at that time to “reset” the price of the listing by causing your competitors to raise their prices in response. This helps to increase your profit margins and eliminate the race to the bottom!

Raise the Buy Box Price

Automatically increases your profit margins!

How it works

As part of our Get The Buy Box strategy, we will raise your price when you’re in the Buy Box and your direct competitor either falls off the listing or raises their price. This means that you’ll always be maximizing your profits, even when you’re already in the Buy Box!

Never go below MAP

Protect your listings from suspension

How it works

We’ll automatically make sure your item prices never go below their MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). All you have to do is tell us the MAP price and we’ll handle the rest! This keeps your listings safe during peak selling seasons so you never miss out on sales.

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