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Profit Protection

We offer a suite of features designed to increase your sales while still protecting your margins.

Automatically protect your profits

Find your Optimal Price

Optimize your prices automatically, regardless of competition.

Smart Price Reset

Increases your price when sales are slow to “reset” the price of the listing.

Raise the Buy Box Price

Maximizes Buy Box profits by automatically increasing your price when you’re in the Buy Box.

Automatically find your Optimal Price

Increases your profits regardless of competition

Other repricers only optimize your prices based on competition, but can optimize your prices even when a listing has little to no competition.

Powered by AI + Machine Learning

We combine the power of AI + Machine Learning with your historical sales data to intelligently optimize your prices.

Protects your margins

Our algorithms were designed to increase your sales while still maximizing your profit margins.

Smart Price Reset

Resets prices when sales are slow

We identify the specific timeframe during off-peak hours when you have the lowest sales. Then, we automatically increase your price at that time to “reset” the price of the listing.

Automatically increases your margins

The price reset causes your competitors to raise their prices as well, leading to higher overall profit margins on your listings.

Eliminates the “race to the bottom”

Instead of just driving prices down, this feature ensures that your sales will increase without sacrificing profits

Raise the Buy Box Price

Increases your Buy Box profits

Winning the Buy Box is only half the battle. Once you’ve won it, we’ll automatically raise your price to increase your margins.

Monitors the competition

We automatically detect when a competitor falls off your listing or raises their price, allowing us to know the right time to raise your price when you’re in the Buy Box without causing you to lose it to a competitor.

Maximizes your time in the Buy Box

Our algorithm maximizes not only your profits, but also your sales by keeping you in the Buy Box for as long as possible.

Start your free trial customers increase their Buy Box ownership by an average of 63% in their first two weeks.

Free for 14 days, all features included, no credit card required.