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Automated price discovery for white label & private label products

Spend less time and money managing lengthy A/B tests or running hypothetical pricing surveys and let your price automatically adjust based on real-time data.

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Automated Repricer for Online Sellers

The smartest tool for price discovery

Forget pricing surveys and A/B tests - our cutting-edge AI algorithm automatically reprices your white label and private label products to find the perfect price that balances price with consumer demand, quickly, and without all the hassle.

How it works

To find the optimal price, our Machine Learning algorithm ingests the number of sales at different price points within your min/max range to generate data and find the optimal price.

This takes as little as 30 days, which is much faster than other methods, such as A/B tests, and much more reliable than hypothetical pricing surveys.

Optimize pricing to fit your needs

Have an exclusive or limited edition product that you want to maximize profits on or a certain sell-by date you want to hit?

Set your own sales targets and we will automatically find the perfect price to hit your goals.

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