Analytics + Reporting

Visualize overall profit, sales volume, Buy Box, and profit margin by marketplace, strategies, category, and fulfillment type.

Performance Anayltics

Effortlessly make complex data comparisons

Instantly compare things like time periods, repricing strategies, or even product categories across a number of key performance metrics like Buy Box ownership, profit, revenue, and sales volume.

Understand exactly how each of your repricing strategies are performing

Quickly analyze how your Informed strategies are performing by viewing metrics for each individual strategy, i.e. total sales, profit, profit margin, Buy Box percentage, and items sold.

Quickly view + download reports

Access reports that will help you make decisions about your business. We provide a wide range of downloadable reports, such as reports that identify high-performing items and a SKU-by-SKU breakdown of your current price vs. your competitors’ price.

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