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Analytics + Reporting makes it easy to track the metrics you really care about.


Compare data

Instantly compare things like time periods, repricing strategies, or even product categories across a number of key performance metrics like Buy Box ownership, profit, revenue, and sales volume.

Use our advanced filters

View your Listings based on a specific set of attributes, including a specific profit margin, ROI, stock, cost, & more! Our filters can help you find high and low-performing items, help you find a similar set of listings to group together to assign a specific repricing strategy to, and more!

See how your strategies are performing

Quickly analyze how your repricing strategies are performing by viewing metrics for each individual strategy, i.e. total sales, profit, profit margin, Buy Box percentage, and items sold.


Quickly view + download reports

Access a large variety of downloadable reports, including a SKU-by-SKU breakdown of your price vs. your competitors’ price and a report showcasing your average sale prices over time.

Generate your favorite reports automatically

Several reports our available via our public API so you can automatically generate the reports you want.

Identify high-performing listings

Use our Performance by Item report to quickly identify high-performing listings, i.e. listings that are the most profitable, and monitor their inventory levels so you never run out of stock.

Start your free trial customers increase their Buy Box ownership by an average of 63% in their first two weeks.

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