AI-Powered Repricing Strategies

Choose from several AI-powered strategies that can automatically help you reach your goals:

  • Win the Buy Box even with lots of competition
  • Increase profits when you have the Buy Box
  • Get new listings to earn Buy Box eligibility
  • Liquidate inventory
  • And much more!
Repricer Resources for Online Sellers

Win and keep the Buy Box

Our Get The Buy Box algorithm adjusts your prices in response to competition in order to win you more Buy Boxes and increase your sales on Amazon and Walmart.

Maximize profits and sales when you have no competition

Our Sales Velocity algorithm automatically adjusts your prices when there’s no competition. The strategy can ensure that you sell your items by a certain date, or it can focus on maximizing your profits while maintaining a sales velocity of your choice.

Get Featured Merchant Status

Our Compete Against Featured Merchant algorithm maximizes your chances of winning the Buy Box by only competing against sellers that are eligible for it. Flexible options allow you to compete differently against FBA, MFN, SFP, and Amazon.

Customize your repricing strategy or build one from scratch

Our Build Your Own strategy option lets you control exactly who you’d like to compete against and how you want to be repriced.

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