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Our industry-leading algorithms go above and beyond simply lowering your prices.

Informed considers your desired profit margin, target sales velocity, and inventory levels so every sale feels like a win.

Algorithmic Strategy

Get The Buy Box

Our flagship strategy lets you compete exclusively with the Buy Box offer, ignoring all other competition.
  • Incrementally raises your price once in the Buy Box to maximize profits
  • Continuously analyzes competition to keep you in the Buy Box for as long as possible
  • Smart backorder strategies only change prices when your items are in stock
Algorithmic Strategy

Sales Velocity for private label repricing

Simply tell us how many units you want to sell over 30 days and our algorithm will reprice your items to make sure you hit your sales goal.
  • Strategically adjusts your prices even when you have no competition
  • Manages your inventory by letting you set time-sensitive sales goals
  • Determines what the market is willing to pay for a product
Strategy Template

Compete with Featured Merchants

This pre-built strategy template allows you to compete against the lowest-priced offer from a Featured Merchant (Amazon) or Top Rated Seller (eBay).
  • Enables you to exclude Amazon as a seller
  • Maximizes opportunities to win the Buy Box
  • Flexible options allow you to choose how you reprice based on your competition
Strategy Template

Compete with lowest price

This pre-built strategy template allows you to compete against the lowest-price offer, regardless of fulfillment type.
  • Target your competition to offer the lowest price
  • Beats your competitors by a dollar amount or percentage, whichever you prefer
  • Includes advanced options such as matching and pricing above the lowest price to avoid a race to the bottom
Custom Strategy

Build your own

Create your own strategy and specify who you'd like to compete against, how you want to be repriced, and more.
  • Choose to reprice and compete differently against MFN, FBA, SFP and Amazon
  • Allows you to set custom Buy Box rules
  • Lets you set exclusions to prevent unwanted competition
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