Grow your online business with the power of automated repricing

Increase sales, improve profit margins, win more Buy Boxes.

Informed goes beyond simply raising and lowering prices

  • Create your own customized repricing strategies or use our AI-powered algorithms

  • View metrics that give insight into how your strategies are performing over time

  • No limits on the amount of strategies you can create

Our machine-learning algorithms keep you one step ahead of the competition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Compete exclusively with the current Buy Box offer, ignoring all other competition with our Get The Buy Box algorithm

Raises your price as competition changes to maximize sales, profits, and time spent in the Buy Box

Stay competitive when Amazon suppresses the Buy Box with a special Suppressed Buy Box strategy setting

Smart backorder strategies only change prices when your items are in stock

Sell more items when you have no competition and target specific sales volume goals with our Sales Velocity algorithm

Strategically and automatically adjusts your prices even when there’s no competition

Manages your inventory by letting you set time-sensitive sales goals

Helps private label sellers determine what the market is willing to pay for a product

Sellers can compete against the lowest-priced Buy Box eligible offer with our Compete with Featured Merchants algorithm

Targets your competition by reacting exclusively to the lowest-priced offer

Beats your competitors by a dollar amount or percentage, whichever you prefer

Choose to match, price below, or price above the lowest-priced offer

Compete against the lowest-priced offer regardless of fulfillment type with our Compete with Lowest Price algorithm

Maximizes Buy Box chances by only competing against sellers that are eligible for it

Flexible options that allow you to compete differently against FBA, MFN, SFP, and Amazon

Options to match, price below, or price above the lowest price from a Featured Merchant

Want to customize your own repricing strategy?

Every plan includes our Build Your Own strategy option so you can control exactly who you’d like to compete against and how you want to be repriced.

Sell more, sell smarter. Try Informed free for 14 days.

Easy set-up. All features included. No credit card required.

Control your pricing strategies by setting minimum and maximum prices for each listing

Profit-based pricing strategies ensure that you’re always making an ideal profit on a sale

ROI-based pricing strategies ensure that every sale is yeiding an adequate return

We value your trust and guarantee to never go below the minimum price on your listings

Prefer to enter your own manual minimum and maximum prices?

No worries - every account has the option to enter or upload your own!

View insightful information about a listing’s most recent price change with our Pricing Summary

  • Gain insight into your most recent price change on a particular listing

  • Understand how and why we changed a price - including insight into your competitors and any marketplace fees

Review detail of an item’s repricing history with our Activity Timeline

  • Review a complete visual timeline of your listing’s activity

  • Gain insight into price changes, cost changes, Buy Box status changes, and more

Integrations that make running your business easier

We’ve partnered with your favorite ecommerce tools so you can easily sync information like item costs and minimum/maximum prices to your Informed account.

Integrations Partners

Informed supports 13 online marketplaces so you can use repricing strategies on all of your listings

Supported Amazon regions: US, CA, MX, BR, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, AU


Here’s a few more benefits you can expect with your Informed account

Instant Repricing

Instant repricing

Unlimited price changes sent instantly



Access to over a dozen downloadable reports

Exceptional support

Exceptional support

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Open API

Open API

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