Sales Velocity Repricing

Now available for our Professional plan: Our Sales Velocity Algorithm that allows you to view the 30 day sales velocity (units sold) for any listing in your catalog and set a target to either raise, lower, or maintain your sales velocity.


Put Sales Velocity to work for you

Repricing used to be tricky for private label sellers who faced no competition on their listings, but our Sales Velocity Algorithm is changing things in a hurry. This strategy makes it easy to maximize profits in the following scenarios.

You have listings with no competition.

Take the guesswork out of private and white label listings by specifying your target sales velocity and letting our algorithm find the sweet spot for pricing that item.

You need to move inventory.

Need to avoid storage fees and draw down inventory by a specific date? You can factor that into your target velocity and we’ll price you to move accordingly.

You've released a brand new item.

Introducing a new product to the market can be exciting, but not if you don’t know how to price it. Let sales velocity determine what the market is willing to pay.

You want to improve profit margins.

Once prices stabilize, we’ll strategically attempt to raise them in small increments, in order to see if you can increase profit without hurting your sales volume.


How does it work?

Regular repricing strategies help you react to competitors, but sales velocity lets you lead the charge. Innovative machine learning makes you the most money possible while pricing your items to move as fast as you need them to.

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