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Whether you're just starting to get serious or you're already a rockstar, we have a plan specifically designed to help you keep pushing the envelope. Plus, we'll never slow you down by taking a commission or percentage of your sales.



or save $200 with annual billing

  • Up to 250 listings
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • eBay Marketplace
  • Continuous repricing
  • Pre-configured strategies
  • Standard support



or save $300 with annual billing

  • Up to 5,000 listings
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • eBay Marketplace
  • Continuous repricing
  • Algorithmic and custom strategies
  • Priority support



or save $400 with annual billing

  • Includes 10,000 listings
  • Unlimited Marketplaces, including Walmart
  • Continuous repricing
  • Algorithmic and custom strategies
  • Sales velocity algorithm for private label
  • Priority support
Basic Premium Enterprise
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With a free 14-day trial, easy setup, and a dedicated Customer Success team on your side, will start delivering measurable results for your business right away. We know that as an entepreneur, time is your most valuable resource. That's why we make it our mission to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.

The Free Trial | How it Works

Quick answers to Informed inquiries

How does the free trial work?

You’ll get instant access to all of our features for a full 14 days. And don’t worry, we know you’re busy. So the clock doesn’t start until you’re done setting up your account and you click the “Enable Repricing” button. Once you’re off and running, you’ll be able try out all strategy types, reprice on a continuous frequency, request phone support, and much more. Once your trial is over, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! You’ll be prompted to select a paid plan and all of your customizations, data, and listings will remain intact.

What kind of strategies do you offer?

We offer two algorithmic strategies. One is called Get the Buy Box, which works to win and keep the Buy Box. The other is called Sales Velocity, which is a solution for optimizing the price of private label goods or listings with no competition. We also have pre-configured strategies to compete with featured merchants or the lowest price. For added flexibility, you can customize a strategy based on Fulfillment Network, Feedback Rating, Seller Rating Count, Featured Seller Status, or even compete directly against the Buy Box.

To learn more about the different types, watch this helpful product demo

Can I only pick one repricing strategy?

Nope, mixing and matching is encouraged. You have the ability to duplicate or create multiple strategies, and you're able to assign any strategy to as many or as few of your listings as you'd like.

Are there any setup fees or long-term contracts?

Absolutely not. is a pay-as-you-go service. You simply pay month-to-month and can cancel at any time.

Sellers willing to make a long-term strategic investment can purchase 12 months of service at a 20% discount.

What marketplaces are compatible with

Currently, works with Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and eBay, with additional marketplaces in the works.

The specific Amazon Marketplaces that we cover are (US), Amazon UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil.

How long does it take to set up?

You should be good to go in about 15 minutes. Create a free account and sync a marketplace. Then, you’ll need to customize a repricing strategy or select one of our pre-built algorithms, which automatically work towards hitting a goal. Finally, you’ll need to enter minimum prices for each listing. You can upload this info in bulk using our spreadsheet template, automatically calculate it based on your desired profit margin, or enter it manually. If you get stuck, we have hands-on support standing by to help.

Will you take a percentage of our sales?

Unlike other repricing companies, does not take a commission or percentage of any sale. There are no contracts or long-term commitments, and you can cancel at any time.

What if I have fewer SKUs than my plan's listing limit?

Here at, we want to help you expand your business. Each plan starts out with a listing limit, and if you would like to raise this amount at any point, you can do so within the Subscription section of your account.

What if I don't want to reprice all of my items?

If you do not want to reprice certain items, you can easily turn repricing off for those listings or simply avoid setting a Minimum Price on them (listings without a Min Price will never be repriced by

Can I talk to someone on the phone if I have trouble?


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Since I started working with, my business is probably five times bigger. We've definitely grown together.

Ed Kohler takes me out of the monotonous parts of my business and keeps my products competitive, even when I'm asleep.

Rob Anderson

I wouldn't go to market without this. Now I can instantly see the domino effect after toying around with the pricing formulas.

Ron Myers

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