repricing vs Feedvisor is the most powerful price intelligence platform, trusted by thousands as the best Feedvisor alternative. See why more Amazon sellers rely on Informed’s automated repricing than any other repricer.

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  • Offers algorithmic repricing for a fraction of the cost of Feedvisor

  • Does not take a percentage of all of your sales

  • Offers a free 14-day trial with all features included

  • Does not make you sign any long-term contracts, so you can cancel anytime


  • Offers algorithmic repricing, but at the cost of thousands of dollars per month

  • Takes a percentage of all of your sales in addition to the standard monthly rate

  • Does not offer a free trial, so you have to pay for the product to see if it’s right for you

  • Makes you sign a long-term contract, leaving you with no flexibility if you decide to cancel

Other reasons why sellers use

Powerful data and analytics included with every plan provides robust data and analytics so sellers can get a better understanding of how their online business is doing. With, you can analyze your performance of Revenue, Profit, Buy Box percentage and Sales Volume over time.

Simple set-up. Exceptional support.
Simple set-up. Exceptional support.

See a breakdown of every price change

With, you can view a breakdown of every price change so you know exactly why we changed your price.

Access to downloadable reports gives you access to several downloadable reports that you can use to analyze your business. Downloadable reports are included with every plan. With Bqool, downloadable reports are only included on their most expensive plan.

Simple set-up. Exceptional support. offers algorithmic repricing that won’t cost you thousands of dollars

When comparing the Informed Repricer vs Feedvisor, the first thing you’ll notice is price. On top of an expensive monthly rate (so expensive that they don’t even publicly display their rates on their website), Feedvisor also charges a percentage of your sales.

According to ecommerce guru Jeremy Biron, “ need to be selling $1M+ to really justify the cost [of Feedvisor].”

Win the Buy Box (and stay in it!)

The Repricer uses an advanced algorithm called “Get the Buy Box” to price your listings into the Buy Box at the most profitable prices at any given time, maximizing both your sales and profits. can even raise your price while you’re in the Buy Box to determine how high your price can be while still maintaining the Buy Box, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing profits for the Buy Box.

Continuous automated repricing makes you money in your sleep automatically reprices your products continuously, so you’re always in prime position to win the Buy Box -- and your listings stay as competitive as possible 24/7, making you money no matter what time it is.

Save time and consolidate workflows across all tools has partnered with your favorite ecommerce tools so you can easily sync information like item costs and minimum/maximum prices. One-click integrations are available with InventoryLab, WebScraperApp, eCom Solutions, SellerCloud, SKUGrid and OA Genius.

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Learn how easy it is to switch from Feedvisor to Simply email our onboarding team at to get step-by-step help making the switch.

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