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15+ years of repricing experience has been trusted by thousands of online sellers for 15+ years.

Only 3 years of repricing experience

Aura does not have much experience in the repricing industry.

Repricing strategies for listings with lots of competition AND listings with little to no competition offers repricing strategies for all types of listings, including private label items.

Does not offer repricing strategies for listings with little to no competition

Aura does not offer repricing strategies for private label listings or listings with little competition.

Supports 15 Amazon marketplaces includes Amazon Europe and Amazon UAE with every subscription.

Only supports 3 Amazon marketplaces

Aura does not support many of the major Amazon marketplaces, including Amazon Europe.

AI version of “scheduled repricing” offers a smarter version of “scheduled repricing” that uses AI to automatically raise your prices when sales are slow, causing your competitors to raise their prices in response to help increase your profit margins.

Basic version of “scheduled repricing”

Aura requires manual work and isn’t as efficient at increasing your profit margins.

Automatically reprice your out-of-stock listings to their Max price helps to automatically increase your profit margins once your item is back in stock.

Does not allow you to automatically reprice your out-of-stock items

With an Aura, you risk losing profits when your items come back in stock.

Supports Walmart marketplace supports Walmart so you can diversify your business.

Does not support Walmart marketplace

Aura only supports Amazon marketplaces.
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“The Amazon marketplace gets more competitive daily. With, you have the ability to be competitive based on your own virtues and your company’s virtues, whether you’re focused more on having capital to stock products or focused on maintaining high profits.”

Robert Levy
VP of Ecommerce, BlueAlly

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AI Repricing Strategies

We offer several AI-powered repricing strategies to help you meet your goals, whether you want to target the Buy Box, increase your private label sales, or maximize your profit margins.

Profit Protection

A suite of advanced features that increase your sales while also maximizing your profit margins.

API + Integrations

Save time by syncing data such as Cost prices and Minimum/Maximum prices from other popular ecommerce tools directly to!

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