repricing vs Amazon Automate Pricing is the smartest and most powerful repricer for Amazon listings, trusted by thousands as the best Amazon Automate Pricing alternative. See why more Amazon sellers rely on’s automated repricing than any other repricer.

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  • Uses automated repricing algorithms to strategically adjust your prices based on target profits, fees, fulfillment methods, etc.

  • Industry-leading “Get the Buy Box” algorithm has helped sellers increase their Buy Box ownership by an average of 63%

  • Strategically raises your prices in addition to lowering prices to increase your profit margins and ultimately make you more moneySupports 10 Amazon marketplaces, including Amazon Europe regions

  • Includes repricing strategies specifically for items without competition, such as private label items

  • Dedicated customer support team that are experts at all things repricing

Amazon Automate Pricing

  • Limited to very simple repricing strategies that don’t take into account the actual profit you’re making after fees

  • No repricing algorithm dedicated specifically to winning more Buy Boxes

  • Can only LOWER your prices, which can tank prices and decrease your profit margins

  • Does not include repricing strategies specifically for items without competition

  • No dedicated support team for Amazon Automate Repricing specifically

Other reasons why sellers use

Powerful data and analytics included with every plan provides robust data and analytics so sellers can get a better understanding of how their online business is doing. With, you can analyze your performance of Revenue, Profit, Buy Box percentage and Sales Volume over time.

Simple set-up. Exceptional support.
Simple set-up. Exceptional support.

See a breakdown of every price change

Additionally, with every plan, sellers are given an in-depth explanation of why their listings were repriced a certain way. Price change explanations are not available on Amazon’s free repricer.

Access to downloadable reports gives you access to several downloadable reports that you can use to analyze your business.

Simple set-up. Exceptional support.

Save time and consolidate workflows across all tools

The repricer has partnered with your favorite ecommerce tools so you can easily sync information like item costs and minimum/maximum prices. One-click integrations are available with InventoryLab, WebScraperApp, eCom Solutions, SellerCloud, SKUGrid and OA Genius. Amazon’s free repricer does not integrate with any tools.

Stay competitive on all marketplaces

You can rest assured that all your bases are covered because Informed Repricing supports Amazon and Walmart - the top marketplaces in the industry. Save time and money by repricing all of your marketplaces on one centralized platform.

Unmatched customer support from a team of (human) experts

The Customer Success team prides itself on its knowledge, speed, and patience when it comes to solving any issues our users face.

Support is always just a click away with our in-app support feature, and if you need to chat on the phone, there’s no friendlier support team in the industry.

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Learn how easy it is to migrate from Amazon’s free repricer “Automate Pricing.” Simply email our onboarding team at to get step-by-step help making the switch.

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