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Pricing strategies to match your unique business goals provides advanced repricing algorithms and extremely flexible customization options so that you can maximize profits and crush your goals — no matter what you're selling.

Win more Buy Boxes |

Win more Buy Boxes

We know the magic formula for lifting your listings into the Buy Box on Amazon and Walmart's marketplaces.

Make sales faster |

Make sales faster

Automatically find the optimal price point for moving your inventory  even if you're the only seller on a listing.

Never lose money on a sale |

Never lose money on a sale

Because we factor your costs and fees into our strategies, you never make less on a sale than you're happy with.

Explore new opportunities |

Explore new opportunities

Seller Analytics lets you make sense of your sales data and identify serious opportunities for revenue growth. strategies

Not all competitors are created equal...

...and your strategies for repricing against them shouldn't be either. That's why we built a versatile set of customizable rules that you can use to build a unique plan of attack against all types of competitive landscapes.


Change your pricing strategy based on your competitor's order fulfillment method.

Seller rating

Price your listings slightly above competitors who have an inferior reputation.

Handling time

Match the price of your competitor, and set yourself apart by delivering the goods faster.

Backordered status

Take advantage of increased demand and raise your prices when your competitors run out of stock.


No competition on your private label listings?

Repricing used to be tricky for private label sellers who faced no competition on their listings, but our Sales Velocity Algorithm is changing things in a hurry. This strategy makes it easy to maximize profits by continually adjusting your prices to meet a specific sales goal.

Find the optimal price point

We'll automatically raise and lower prices based on your target monthly sales volume. Find the sweet spot for moving inventory at your desired rate.

Avoid storage fees

Sell out your inventory before a specific date or deadline to beat inventory storage fees, meltable products cutoff dates, holidays and special events.

Leverage historical data

We factor in your previous sales data to find the optimal price point faster, without ever dipping below your minimum price.

Improve your margins

Once prices stabilize, we’ll strategically raise them in an attempt to increase profit without slowing down sales.

Sales Velocity Algorithm |


Our customers are serious about growth.

Here's what they're saying about how we're helping them achieve it.

Since I started working with, my business is probably five times bigger. We've definitely grown together.

Ed Kohler takes me out of the monotonous parts of my business and keeps my products competitive, even when I'm asleep.

Rob Anderson

I wouldn't go to market without this. I can see instantly what happens - the domino effect - after toying around with the pricing formulas.

Ron Myers

Informed integrations

You don't have time to log into ten different platforms, sift through mountains of data, and run your day-to-day operations. That's why we offer a public API and a growing list of integrations with the eCommerce tools you're already using — so you can spend less time searching for opportunities and more time exploiting them. 

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