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Play by your own set of rules

We understand that not all competition is created equal, so we don't force you to use the same strategy against everyone. Flexible settings allow you to make a unique game plan for every scenario.

Fulfillment method |

Fulfillment method

Compete against FBA differently than those managing orders independently.

Seller rating |

Seller rating

Price your listings above competitors who have an inferior reputation.

Handling time |

Handling time

Match the price of your competitor, and set yourself apart by shipping faster.

Backordered status |

Backordered status

Seize the opportunity to raise prices when competitors run out of stock. | Price Out Of Stock to Max


Maximize your profits when your item is back in stock!

This setting gives you the option to have your listings go to max price when they run out of stock. If you update your max price while out of stock by raising or lowering it, your listing will go to your new max. Once back in stock, your listing will revert to pricing according to strategy settings.

We know the magic formula for winning
(and keeping) you in the Buy Box.

Backed by a decade of sales data, our pre-built "Get the Buy Box" algorithm earned us our reputation as the industry leader.

Competitive repricing

We automatically compare your offer and seller metrics against the current Buy Box holder to find an initial price that should win it for you instead.

Win the Buy Box

We'll incrementally lower your price until the Buy Box is yours, then we'll continuously make adjustments to hold onto it for as long as possible.

Defend your turf

Once you're in the Buy Box, we'll continue to track the other offers on the listing and react to any external threats that could take it away from you.

Room for improvement

When we detect that the offer landscape has changed in a way that will allow you to hold onto the Buy Box at a higher price, we'll raise you up. strategies | Private Label Repricer


Our new Sales Velocity Algorithm is changing the game for private label sellers. 

Repricing used to be tricky for private label products, but we let you view the 30 day sales volume for any listing (even if it has no competition) and set a target to either raise, lower, or maintain it. 

Listings with no competition

Remove guesswork from private label listings by specifying your target sales velocity and letting our algorithm find the sweet spot for pricing that item. 

Moving inventory fast

Need to avoid storage fees and draw down inventory by a specific date? You can factor that into your target velocity and we'll price you to move accordingly. 

Releasing a new item

Introducing a new product can be exciting, but not if you don't know how to price it. Let sales velocity determine what the market is willing to pay. 

Improving your margins

Once prices stabilize, we’ll strategically attempt to raise them in small increments, in order to see if you can increase profit without slowing down sales.

Finally — repricing strategies that always put your profits front and center.

Easily sync your costs to our software, and since we’re constantly up-to-date on the current marketplace fees, we’ll base our price adjustments around the profit margins that work for your specific business. It’s a level of personalization you won’t get from other repricers.

Add your costs from anywhere

Change listings on the fly, input costs with our quick-and-easy spreadsheet template, or automatically sync them from external sources by using our API.

Calculate profit-based minimum prices

Our software will do the math for you, automatically factoring in your marketplace and FBA fees so you never fall below an acceptable profit margin.

View your advanced seller analytics

From the convenience of a customizable dashboard, we’ll show you performance metrics such as Buy Box ownership, as well as valuable opportunities to increase profitability.

See the method to our madness

It’s hard to get better if you don’t understand why we made a certain price change. That’s why you can look back at the rationale behind any adjustment, written in plain English for you to see. strategies

Our customers are serious about growth

Here's what they're saying about how we're helping them achieve it.

Since I started working with, my business is probably five times bigger. We've definitely grown together.

Ed Kohler takes me out of the monotonous parts of my business and keeps my products competitive, even when I'm asleep.

Rob Anderson

All the good stuff that does in terms of constantly enhancing the product and keeping us in the game, it’s a fantastic value-proposition for us to use. So I’m all-in on I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Ron Myers

Informed integrations

You don't have time to log into ten different platforms, sift through mountains of data, and run your day-to-day operations. That's why we offer a public API and a growing list of integrations with the eCommerce tools you're already using — so you can spend less time searching for opportunities and more time exploiting them.

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