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Account for VAT in all pricing calculations can automatically account for VAT so you can maximize your profits and always know exactly how much money you’re making on a sale.

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Increase Buy Boxes

Our repricing strategies have helped sellers increase their Buy Boxes by an average of 63% in just two weeks.

Keep your listings safe with our MAP feature

Use our MAP (minimum advertised price) feature to keep your listings safe during peak selling seasons when brands are known to enforce MAP prices. We can also automatically factor MAP prices into your target profit or ROI.

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Increase sales on more than a dozen marketplaces supports more than a dozen marketplaces, including Amazon U.S., Amazon Netherlands, Amazon United Arab Emirates, and Walmart.

View key metrics at the SKU-level

View metrics such as sales volume, profit, and gross sales at the SKU-level so you never have to guess how your SKUs are doing and can make better decisions about your business.

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Access 14+ online marketplaces

Informed supports a growing number of marketplaces including Walmart and over a dozen Amazon regions.

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