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First, we created Appeagle to ease the headaches and inefficiencies of manual repricing. Now, we're taking the knowledge we've gathered from years of sales data and turning it into actionable insights for online entrepreneurs who are serious about finding opportunities to grow revenue. is the first advanced Seller Analytics platform for eCommerce merchants on the world's biggest online marketplaces:

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Founded by two professional online sellers to ease the the worst pain points of eCommerce, fuels sellers with actionable data insights that help them make better decisions to grow their businesses faster.

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Obsess over data | values
Obsess over data

We make sure to set measurable goals that allow us to track our progress and evaluate our success, which leads us to make smarter decisions.

Fight for simplicity
Fight for simplicity

We believe simplicity is a competitive advantage. We challenge complex ideas and suggest better approaches.

Pursue growth | values
Pursue growth

We keep a constant focus on self-improvement and life-long learning. Personal growth and professional growth hold equal weight.

Succeed together | values
Succeed together

To succeed as a team, clarity must be present. Teams work to establish clarity on roles, plans, and purposes.

Embrace transparency | values
Embrace transparency

Employees and customers should know what is happening and why. They should be excited about our mission and feel like we're all in it together.

Be proactive | values
Be proactive

We always try to anticipate problems before they turn up. We constantly seek out new solutions and hold ourselves accountable.

We’re a team of problem solvers and overachievers who seek out others who are just as passionate and relentless at their respective crafts. We’re growing rapidly and are focused on creating a tight-knit group that enjoys each other’s company. We work hard not because we’re asked to, but because we genuinely love what we do.'s state-of-the-art workspace and kitchen | Come work with us!