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Repricing tools for sellers who insist on simple setup and hands-on support. Automate price changes with proven strategies and use analytics to explore new opportunities. If you want to boost revenue and free up time to manage your business, use the power of automation to crush your sales goals.

Customers increase Buy Box ownership by an average of 63% in their first two weeks.

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Automation that actually makes things easier

With other repricers, there can be so much to configure that it makes you miss the days of manual price changes.
As the best Amazon repricer, we've been simplifying the process for a decade.
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Fast setup

Easily sync marketplaces and costs, set a desired profit margin, and see where the most revenue is coming from.

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Pre-built strategies

Industry-leading algorithms designed to win you the Buy Box battle or optimize the price of your private label listings.  

Get useful seller analytics |

Custom rules

Narrow your competition by fulfillment method, seller rating, handling time, backordered status, and more.

Streamline your workflow |

Save time

Integrate with your other eCommerce tools and pull actionable reports to spot growth opportunities.

More than 4,000 online sellers use to achieve financial and lifestyle freedom

Stop losing out on profitable opportunities to your competitors. In fact, stop worrying about your competition at all. We’ll continuously adjust your prices to capture more sales at the highest margins, then present you with the best growth opportunities for investing your profits. Or, you could use the extra cash to take that vacation you’ve been putting off. We’ll keep you in the Buy Box until you get back.

The dashboard | Seller Analytics & Automated Repricing Software for Professional Online Merchants

Soaring Profits

Check out these insightful articles and resources that dive into the most successful strategies for sourcing, pricing, and fulfilling your orders. If it helps you save time, make money, or grow your online business, we've got it covered.

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Average response time for support inquiries is less than 2 hours with
Average response time for support inquiries is less than 2 hours customers increase Buy Box ownership by 63% in just 15 days
Customers increase Buy Box ownership by 63% in just 15 days

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Informed buzz

Accelerating Growth

"With we don’t have to worry about losing the buy box to online resellers. monitors our listings and automatically adjusts prices based on the repricing model we choose. This has freed up our team’s time to accelerate growth - focusing on marketing and developing great products to reach more consumers."

— Tea Forte

Don't be Invisible

"By providing the tools and insight needed to maintain a competitive advantage, helps online sellers become more visible in the marketplace, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales and profits."

— Web Retailer

Automation Always

“What is the cost of your time to go in every hour and make adjustments to win the buy box? It’s tremendous! So whether you have one SKU or ten thousand SKUs, you should be thinking automation always.”

— Chad Rubin, Skubana

The Algorithms Know How

"This software rocks in every way possible! The complex algorithms know how to optimally price products, keeping them in the Buy Box longer, and getting more sales. I don't know how I would run my business without them."

— Coleman Whitsitt, Grivet Outdoors

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